How much Alcohol can destroy your Liver?

Alcohol is one of the most notorious drugs and should be treated just as restrictively as amphetamine, methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin. Why? Because the social and health effects of alcohol use are disasterous and place it in a row with the drugs mentioned above.

How much alcohol is a harmful amount for health?

Scientists checked the system’s tolerance to alcohol-based on data from the north of Italy. It included 6,917 people aged 12–65 (69% of the total population). The aim was to investigate the association of daily alcohol consumption, type of alcoholic beverage consumed, and drinking patterns with the presence of alcohol-induced liver damage.

6534 patients, free from viral chronic liver disease, were tested. A medical history and physical examination, alcohol consumption assessment using an illustrated dietary questionnaire and routine blood tests were performed. More invasive diagnostic procedures were performed as needed.

As it turned out…

The risk threshold for developing cirrhosis or other liver damage but not yet with cirrhosis was 30 g of alcohol per day for both sexes. 1,349 people (21% of the population studied) were at risk of developing disease. Of these, only 74 people (5.5% of those at risk) showed signs of liver damage. The prevalence of “pure” alcoholic cirrhosis was 0.43% (30 out of 6,917), which is 2.2% of people with risk. The men were affected 9 times more often than women. Among those at risk, 44 showed persistent signs of other liver damage. After the age of 50, the cumulative risk of developing cirrhosis was significantly higher for people who regularly consumed alcohol, both with and without food, than in those who drank only with meals.


The risk threshold for developing liver cirrhosis is 30 g ethanol/day, and the risk increases with increasing daily intake. Drinking alcohol without meals and having a wide variety of alcoholic beverages increases the risk of alcohol-induced liver damage.


However this data shouldn’t be analysed hastily, the liver may be severely damaged and the person may not be aware of it. Why? Liver has large functional reserves. The same goes for the kidneys. That is why so many bodybuilders die, because the lack of awarness their health condition until it is too late and the “weakest link” is broken. The literature describes cases of cancerous liver lesions of several centimetres (induced by SAA) in which the liver indicators (enzymes) did not exceed the norm.

As the authors write in the pathophysiology book: “The symptoms of liver disease are not obvious: about 40% of patients in the end stage of liver disease may not have any significant symptoms.” The safest dose of the alcohol is 0 g per day. And you should stick with it for the sake of your health.