Title of Dissertation - PG- Faculty of Medicine 2006-2007 Batch
M.D. Forensic Medicine
SN Topics
1 Medicolegal Profile of Hospital Deaths with Special Refernce to Medical Negligence (Alleged or Otherwise)
2 "A study of trends in railway accidents at postmortem center attached to Metropolitian Tertiary Center"
3 "Medico legal study of un natural female death at our hospital."
4 Study of synovial fluid and vitreous humour for determination of time since death: Acomparative analysis.
5 Estimation of time since death from rigor mortis: A two year study at our Region.
6 A study of Dermatoglyphic patterns in different ABO Rh blood groups in our Region
7 Prevalence of atherosclerosis in different age groups in our Region
8 Study a burn deaths with special resurance to histopathology