Title of Dissertation - PG- Faculty of Medicine 2006-2007 Batch
M.S. - General Surgery
SN Topics 
1 Prospective Study of post Operative surgical site infection
2 Role of hyperbarric oxygen therapy in treatment of chronic ulcers
3 “Management of Carcinoma of Breast”
4 “Diagnostic Laparoscopy in Chronic Abdominal Pain”
5 “Blunt Abdominal Trauma: An Overview – Its Presentations and Management”
6 “Transrectal ultrasonography and CT scan in staging of Carcinoma Rectum and its Histopathological Correlation”
7 “Post Pyelolithotomy Improvement in Renal Function”
8 “Study of cases of Carcinoma Rectum”
9 “Study of Incisional Hernia”
10 “Comparative study of Ranson’s criteria Vs. Apache-II in Predicting the clinical outcome in patients of acute pancreatitis”
11 “Randomized comparative trial beetween harmonic scapel hemorrhoidectomy, bipolar scissor hemorrhoidectomy and conventional scissor : Excision ligation technique”
12  Study of Prolene hernia system 
13 Difficult Cholecystectomy: Risk factors, Diagnostic approach and Management
14 Study of Benign Breast Diseases
15 Amoebic Liver abscess - a prospective study.
16 Incidence of surgical site infections in post-operative patients at KEM Hospital and wound ASEPSIS Scoring
17 "Fournier's Gangrene: various factors affecting mortality and morbidity".
18 Prospective study of medical & surgical management of peripheral vascular disease in both upper & lower extremities
19 Total Colectomy for Benign diseases
20 Comparitive study between laparoscopic Hernia Repair and open hernia repair
21 Redo biliary sukufries.
22 "Study of chronic pancreatitis-factors affecting its outcome and management".
23 Randomised control trial to prove beneficial effects of external local application of ozone over conventional treatment of diabetic lower limb  ulcers.
24 " Surgical outcome in gastrointestinal tract and hepatobiliary pancreatic malignancy"
25 "Clinical profile and management of in testinal fistulas - A prospecture study"
26 " A prospective study of depression and anxiety in 100 admitted patients of diabetic wound"
27 " Clinical profile and management of acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding among adults - A Prospective study of 50 cases"
28 " Clinical profile and management of amoebic liver abscess -  A prospective study of 100 cases"
29 " Clinical profile and management of intestinal obstruction in adults - A Prospective study of 50 cases"
30 " Ransons criteria vis-à-vis clinical outcome in acute pancreatitis - A study of thirty cases"
31 " Management of cystic lesions of pancreas"
32 " Prospective study of parathyroid preserving near total thyroidectomy in 30 consecutive patients of large multi modular goiter"
33 Analysis of soft Tissue Infection
34 Complications of Head & Neck surgery
35 Comparision between various methods of feeding in an unconscious patient
36 Profile of Abdominal Koehs in modern era
37   "Primary Excision and grafting of carbuncle."
38 Mass Casualty
39 Prospective randomized controlled trial using Polyethylene mesh for inguinal Hernia Meshplasty as a safe and cost effective alternative to Polypropylene Mesh."
40 Retrospective and prospective study of efficacy and outcome of surgical mode of treatment and sems (Self expanding Metallic stent) for oesophageal Malignancy."
41 Treatment of peptic perforation
42 Clinical Study of Benign breast diseases
43 Critical Analysis of Head Injury
44 Comparative study of open chole cystectomy and laparoscopic cholecysctomy
45 Management of Obstructive Jaundice.
46 Management of Common bile duct stones.
47 A study of the Efficacy of Negative Pressure wound Therapy in Promotion Closure of Problematic Wounds
48 "Comparative study of shouldice's and leichtenstein's repair in age group less than 50 years & more than 50 years"
49 Impact of recent diagnostic and interventional modalities on the outcome of mediastinal tumours.
50 Safe upper limit of continous heptic inflow oclusim and comparison of the same with intermintermittant hapatic inflo occlusion
51 Prospective randomized controlled trial to compare the effect to honey & betadine on wound healing.
52 Use of per-operative coloured Doppler in improving the success rate of arteriovenous access fistula for hemodialysis
53 Randomised controlled trial to assess the efficacy of topically applied recombinant human platelet derived growth factor on healing of chronic ulcers
54 Comparative analysis of different prognostic and diagnostic criteria used in acute pancreatitis.
55 A study to assess the correlation between pain in the canal and anorestal pressure in patient with fressure in patient with fissure in ano.
56 Therapeutic angiogenesis by implantation of bone marrow mononuclear cells into ischaemic muscles in peripheral vascular disease.
57 Evaluation of dynamics of urinary bladder in children affected with lower urinary tract anomalies and the management options arising out of it.
58 Evaluation of health related quality of life in patients of oral carcinoma undergoing surgery or radiotherapy or both.
59 Prospective study of different treatment modalities as per the existing guidelines in the management of ureteric calculi to formulate suitable treatment guidelines in Indian subjects.
60 Comparison of outcome with use of vicryl & PDS II in Snodgrass technique for hypospadias repair.
61 Study of complications of various kinds thyroid
62 Thoraces scopic cergical sympathication.
63 Use of duloxitine inpost prostatectomy urinary incontinence
64 Use of rapid urease test for detection of pylori in young patient with D.U. Perforation
65 Laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair
66 Use of full thickness graft to cover post burn contracture release of neck
67 A comparative study of Duodenal Ulcer Perforation Repair By Laproscopy and Laprotomy 
68 Comparative study of extramucosal and conventional suturing techniques for colostromy closure.
69 Modified neck dissection in Oral Cancer
70 Inguinal Hernia surgery under local anaesthesia
71 Indigenous hand port in laparoscopic surgery
72 “Clinical profile and management of Nondiabetic ulcer.
73 Clinical Profile and Management of Empyema Chest in Children
74 Comparative study of different methods of hernia repair
75 Clinical Profile and Management of Peritonitis
76 Clinical Profile and management of post operative infraction in laparotomies
77 Role of Laparoscopy in Genitourinary disorders.
78 “Laparoscopic repair of inguinal Hernia by Transabdominal preperitoneal Repair (TAPP) technique."
79 Secondries in neck from head and neck cancers-A surgical prospective
80 " Clinical Study of patients with electrical burns"
81 Etiology and Clinical Patterns of Pediatric Urolithiasis
82 "Role of Mannheim peritonitis index in evaluation of prognosis of patients with peritonitis - A Clincal Study"
83 Clinical study and Management of Carcinoma Colon
84 Clinicopathological studies in accute appendissitis in our hospital.
85 Management options in portal hypertension and their out come
86 Management and sequele of head injury in adults in our hospital.
87 " Ureteropelvic junction ostruction A study of 50 cases"
88 "Comparative study different operative methods for Typhoidileal perforation"
89 "Laparoscopic total extra peritoneal mesh repair of inguinal hernia"
90 HIV in Surgey
91 Surgical management of incisional hernia
92 Intestinal obstruction profile (retrospective and prospective study of cases in rural areas)
93 Colorectal malignancy in young patients.
94 Corelation of surgical skin margine & Pathological Tumour free margin in modified radical mastectomy - A clinico
95 Laparoscopic athesiolysis in post-operative adhesive intestinal obstruction patients
96 Prospective randomized clinical study of differenct modalities of treatment of cellulities
97 The study of surgical management of incisional hernia at our hospital.
98 Surgical diseases of common bile duct
99 Study of Laparoscopic Management of Inguinal Hernia.
100 “Study of Clinico - Radio - Pathological Correlation in abdominal Malignancies”
101 Study and management of locally advanced breast cancer.
102 "Study of laparoscopic appendectomy in appendicitis"
103 "Correlation of Upper GI Symptoms with Endoscopic Findings"
104 "Pattern Of Benign Breast Disease In Rural India."
105 A comparative study of Manheim Peritonitis Index (MPI) & Physiological and Operative Severity Score for the Enumeration of Mortality and Morbidity (Possum) Scoring systems for predicting outcome in patients of peritonitis