Title of Dissertation - PG- Faculty of Medicine 2006-2007 Batch
M.S. – Obstetrics and Gynaecology
SN Topics 
1 Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD)
2 Relation of Foetal Cord Prolactin level with Neonatal Outcome
3 Clinical, Sonological (colour Doppler), Radiological, Cytological and Histopathological corelation of ovarian tumors.
4 Biochemical and Endocrine profile of women presenting with dvsfunctional utrine bleeding
5 "Radiotherapy - a mode of treatment in advanced Carcinoma Cervix"
6 Intrauterine Foetal Death
7 "Meconium Stained Amniotic Fluid-maternal and fetal Outcome."
8 “Study of Pregnancies with Previous Caesarean Section and its analysis”
9 “Evaluation of EUA Dilatation and Currettage in Pre hysterectomy cases”
10 “Fetal weight estimation in normal pregnancy and abnormal pregnancy in Indian women”
11 "Prospective study of Medical Management of Ectopic Pregnancy"
12 " Open prospective trail assessing the efficacy and safety of Trans obturator tape insertion for  the surgical management of stress urinary  incontinence"
13 "Outcome of prolapse surgeries in elderly women"
14 "A Comparative study of Effect of Foleys catheter, Cerviprime Gel and Vaginal Misoprostol on the Bishop's Score and Further outcome of induction of Labour At term"
15 "Dose, Corelation, Response and Follow up after injection Anti-D in a Non Rh Sensitized Women"
16 "To determine incidence and risk factors for uterine rupture/scar dehiscence in women contempleting vaginal birth after caesarean delivery".
17 "Amnioinfusion in Meconium Stained Amniotic Fluid - Fetomaternal  Outcome"
18 "Comparision of Pre Induction of Labor using Foley's Balloon by Hitch and Non-hitch technique"
19 "Management option Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding"
20 "Maternal and Fetal Outcome in Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome."
21 " Pre and post induction Bishop's score with Foley's method of induction of labour."
22 "Predictions and Risks of Preterm Labor by detection of phosphorlyated insulin like growth factor binding protein (IGFBP-1) in cervical sevretion".
23 "Visual Interpretation of Foetal Heart Monitoring Graphs and its correlation with cord ABG and Neonatal Outcome"
24 "Evaluation of perinatal Outcome of preterm labour in  tertiay care centre"
25 Review of congenital anomalies at a tertiary care level
26 "Comparison of the effect of drugs drotaverine and valethamate bromide on the duration and outcome of labour"
27 "Intrauterine Growth Restriction and Perinatal Outcome"
28 A study of Placenta in IUGR Babies
29 Placental localisation and its relation with Pregnancy induced Hypertension
30 "Foetal ponderal index and intrauterine growth retardation"
31 " Complete interrupted suturing technique in caesarean section"
32 " Emergency Transfers and Referrals to Labour Room : An Obstetricians Unavoidable Companion"
33 "Retrospective study of early postpartum hemorrhage cases."
34 Role of Placental laterality by ultrasonography in prediction of pre-eclampsia
35 "Management of cterine fibroids hysterectomy Vs Conservative options"
36 " To compare the efficacy of the different suture material Polyglactin Violet, monfilament Polymide & Monfilament PoleglecaProne as subcuticular stitches on skin closure of Post Operative patient"
37 "Febrile illnesses Rationale. Sudden increase in monsoon related febrile illness in obstetrics"
38 Doppler study of umbilical artery in high risk pregnancy.
39 Role of colposlopy in the evaluation of unhealthy cervix
40 Fetal colour Doppler Versus Non-stress test as predictor of adverse perinatal outcome in high risk pregnancy.
41 Role of Transvaginal Sonography in 1st Trimester Bleeding
42 "Ing Tramadol for pain relief in labour - Effects on mother and baby."
43 First trimester maternal serum pregnancy associated plasma protein A estimation for predicting fetal and maternal complication of pregnancy
44 Value of single versus repeat intrauterine insemination in controlled ovarian hyperstimulated cycles of infertile patients
45 Postopertive morbidity in laparoscopic surgery
46 Obstetric outcome in patients with thrombophilia
47 Endometrial patterns in perimenopausal bleeding.
48 Risk of Malignancy Index in ovarian tumours
49 Correlation of electronic foetal monitoring with neonatal condition at birth
50 Correlation of fetal middle cerebral artery peak systolic velocity with fetal anaemia in Rh Isoimmunised preganancies.
51 Evaluation and management of anovulatory infertility among patients under 35 years of age.
52 Utility of Alert and Action lines on partogram in management of labour in primgramvida for improving prenatatal outcome and for reducing maternal morbility
53 Aspirin Supplimentation in Decreasing incidence/Severity of Pre-Elampsia
54 Correlation of intraoperative imprint cytology of ovarian tumours with its histopathological dianosis.
55 To study the effect of oral hydration therapy in cases of oligohydramnious with preeclampsia and to evaluate its perinatal outcome
56 Study of Mifepristone and misoprost
57 To study the determinants of outcome of patients requiring Critical care in obstetrics and role of SAPS II simplified acute physiology score) in obstetrics.
58 “Glutamine in the management of IUGR - A clinical study."
59 To study effect of endocervical application of prostaglandin Gel (PGE2) to improved Bishops Score and pregnanacy outcome
60 Clinical Study of Spontaneus abortions
61 "Management & outcome in cases of premature Rupture of Membranes"
62 “A study of caesarean deliveries”
63 " Role of Laparoscopy in evaluation and management of adnexal pathology"
64 " Placental Pathology in IUGR"
65 “Scoring of uterine artery flow velocity waveforms in the assesment of fetal growth restriction and Pregnancy Induced Hypertension."
66 Yolk sac as a predictor of first trimester pregnancy out come
67 Instrumental Vaginal Delivery maternal and neonatal outcome
68 Study of cervical cytology in woman in age 35-64 years
69 A Clinical study of HELLP syndrome in hypertensive disorder in pregnancy
70 Study of efficacy of admission test in the diagnosis of early onset fetal distress in high risk pregnancy during labor
71 Effect of bacteriuria over pregnancy outcome
72 comprehensive study of anemia in Pregnancy
73 Study of Adolescent health problems  in gyncc and obst  at our hospital.
74 Assesment of prolapse by pelvic organ prolapse qulification system (POP-Q)
75 Clinical study of cervical cytology at our hospital.
76 Clinical Study of recurrent pregnancy loss in rural population like in our hospital.
77 Study of causes of maternal mortality in our hospital.
78 Pregnancy outcome in post datism beyond 40 weeks of gestation
79 Pregnancy outcome in hypertensive disorders of pregnancy
80 Low dose intravenous ketamine for labor analgesia
81 “Efficacy of regiman comprising of mefipristone followed by vaginal misoprostol for mid trimister termination of  preganancy ”
82 Subjective versus objective assessment of cervix before induction of labour
83 To study the reliability of sonographically estimated fetal weight
84 Pregnancy outcome & Complications in sickle cell trait
85 “Comparison of extra aminiotic foley’s Catheter and intra cervical PGE2 gel for pre induction Cervical Ripening.”
86 Evaluation of oxidative stress in pregnancy induced hypertension
87 " Study of Clinical investigative, Surgical, histopathological diagnosis and staging of Carcinoma Cervix by Prospective and Retrospective analysis"
88 " Evaluation of  Parenteral versus oral iron therapy in the management of Iron deficiency Anaemia in Pregnancy with special referance to body iron stores"